In 2018, taicang enterprise environmental protection credit rating is green enterprise

In 2018, the shares were converted into " Sun Rise Chemical Co., Ltd"

In 2016, REACH tetrasulfonic acid was officially registered

In 2013, passed ISO 14001-2015 environmental management system certification

In 2013, it passed the safety standardization management system certification

In 2013, the annual shipment volume reached 22,700 metric tons, and the combined sales revenue reached 173 million RMB

In 2012, completed the phase iii expansion project with an annual output of 50,000 tons

In 2011, it passed the ISO 9001-2015 quality management system certification

In 2005, the factory was put into operation with total assets of 20 million us dollars

In 2003, founded Sun Rise (taicang) fine chemical co., LTD., with an investment of 30 million RMB

In 2003 it passed the SGS ISO 9001 quality management system certification

In 2002 Fluorescent brighteners were tested by acute toxicity oral administration (LD50) and Salmonella revertant mutation test.

In 1997 2nd expansion of Taoyuan Guanyin plant. The capital of NT$ 62 million, the total assets of NT$ 350 million.

In 1994  1st expansion of Taoyuan Guanyin plant.

In 1987  Investment the business of Sunwide Inc.in Philippines

In 1984  Purchase of land to build factories in Taiwan Dayyuan Distric,Taoyuan city to expand the industrial zone. The capital NT $ 1920 million.

In 1976  Production of fluorescent brighteners.