Sun Rise Chemical was founded in June 1975 with a vision of providing total solution regarding brightening and whitening in paper and textile industries. By focusing on the production on optical brightening agents (OBA) and tinting packages, Sun Rise chemical is now one of the leading manufacturers in the world with an annual capacity of 30,000 metric tons supplying its products to over 40 countries globally.

Over 37 years of experience in manufacturing products with consistent quality, Sun Rise Chemical has been certified with documents such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.  In production, every step is carried out and recorded according to our standard operating procedures.  In laboratory, various types of instrument are used in our laboratory.  We use high performance liquid chromatography to monitor purity, UV-Vis spectrophotometer to control UV strength, spectroeye to examine the shadings. 

Research is an intrinsic part of the company.  Process engineers are assigned to improve the efficiency of the current process including our waste water treatments.  Product development engineers run projects such as synthesizing new compounds, new formulations and improving functionalities of the current products.  Shading development engineers develop OBA with all sorts of different shadings in order to match customer’s requirements.

In 2008 July 15th, FDA of USA acknowledged Sun Rise Chemical’s efforts in producing products with low toxicity and effects to human bodies and granted a Food Contact Notification No. 000837 to Sun Rise Chemical’s Sunwhite BU series.  These products can then be used in the production of paper that is used as food wraps.

At Sun Rise, we persist to provide customers with safe and consistent products and solutions. This is the faith we have in serving our customers since the founding of Sun Rise 37 years ago, and will remain within each member of the Sun Rise Chemical.