By developing & implementing total quality control through IQC, PQC, FQC procedures, all the products need to be tested through systems like spectrophotometer, HPLC and brightimeter. Physical and chemical property analysis and inspection are also included to ensures the finished products can reach the customer satisfaction.Sun Rise has been a certified ISO9001:2008 company since 2008. Consistent quality is the root of business.  The essential operations management is service & The cost competitive is the main factor of policy. Sun Rise is always keen on satisfying our customer requirements by supplying high quality products.

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Sunwhite Series

APL concBUL concCLT
CI NO.113220357
PropertiesSupply formLiquidLiquidLiquid
Chemical characteristicsDisulphonic StilbeneTetrasulphonic StilbeneHexasulphonic Stilbene
StabilitypH Range6-126-121-12
Hard WaterNot StableModerateStable
ApplicationWet EndSuitableSuitableNot Stable
Size PressSuitableSuitableSuitable
CoatingNot RecommendedSuitableSuitable
Shelf life
indoor under 25°C
(avoid heat and light)
One yearOne yearOne year
PackageNormal Type
1,100 kgs IBC tank 
or 23 ton Flexi tank
1,100 kgs IBC tank 
or 23 ton Flexi tank
1,100 kgs IBC tank 
or 23 ton Flexi tank